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Concrete Coating

Seattle Concrete Coating and Sealing Contractor

The world of concrete coatings and sealers is quickly evolving to serve a variety of purposes. Coatings can protect the longevity of the native concrete surface, add artistic or decorative qualities, provide skid resistance and help cleanliness for industries such as food service and mechanic shops.

The reasons to consider a concrete sealer or coatings include:

  • To reduce the effects on the concrete surface of industrial airborne chemicals
  • To prevent soiling of the surface
  • To aid in cleaning of the surface or to thwart impregnation of grafitti
  • To avoid darkening of the surface when damp
  • To combat carbonation and/or oxidation

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Concrete Coating and Sealing FAQs

What is the difference between concrete sealer and concrete coating?

Sealers are vapor retarding penetrants that are absorbed when applied. Some sealers change the profile of the concrete and others do not. Concrete coatings are non-vapor-transmitting, penetrate slightly and leave a visible film on the surface that can be clear or pigmented.