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High Strength Concrete

Posted by Tom Merry on March 2, 2012

This industrial customer had a recurring problem at their shipping warehouse. The landing gear from the truck trailers were making large indents into the asphalt material and need an option involving high strength concrete. We placed 8″ of high strength concrete mix into just the necessary area where the landing gear would rest. This job required that we do small areas at a time in order to allow minimal inconvenience to their 24 hour trucking operation.

Step 1: Here you can see the nature of the problem, both unsightly and a liability-inducing tripping hazard. They tried to use some small steel plates as a short term solution, but it wasn’t cutting it.


Step 2: We excavated down 8 inches to the original base course material and re-compacted it.


Step 3: Because this customer operated a 24-hour shipping facility, we had to perform our work in sections to allow uninterrupted flow of their operations.


Step 4: Here is the finished product in action. For this project we used a special high-strength concrete which is designed for high weight-bearing uses such as this.


Step 5: Here’s another shot of the finished product.


Step 6: And one final close-up shot.